About Brian

Brian Crisan is a therapist practicing in the Youngstown, Ohio area. The Crisan Chronicles is a personal blog and is not associated with or endorsed by any of Brian’s current or previous employers. Its primary purpose is to function as an expressive outlet focused on Brian’s interests and hobbies, including independent film, hiking, and travel.

In May 2018, Brian earned a Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) at The University of Akron (UA) with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy. His therapeutic approach is primarily inspired by person-centered, structural, experiential, and cognitive-behavioral principles. Prior to pursuing a graduate degree, Brian earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Emergency Management and Homeland Security with a minor in Fire Protection Technology, also from UA, in December 2012.  In addition to his clinical work, Brian has over fifteen years of training and experience in the public safety communications field with an emphasis on serving primarily collegiate populations.

Brian is a first-generation Romanian American whose entire family of origin immigrated to the United States about a decade before the fall of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s totalitarian regime on Christmas Day 1989.  He was born and raised on Cleveland’s west side, graduated from St. Edward High School in the nearby suburb of Lakewood, and briefly attended Hiram College before transferring to UA.

Brian has long been an independent-minded person and an advocate for making substantive changes to society that improve our political and social systems. During the 2004 Presidential election, Brian argued for issue-oriented campaigning and he advocated for increasing third party access to elections in an interview with The Plain Dealer. Similarly, during the 2012 election season, Brian spoke of the importance of social networks for religiously unaffiliated people in an interview with Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly, a former PBS news program. He cares deeply about many social and political issues.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys hiking, music, and independent film. Since 2019, Brian has hiked over 200 miles primarily in Ohio, though he has made a foray into hiking around the Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona. He enjoys chasing waterfalls, among other things, and he finds a sense of peace in the solitude that comes from hitting the trail.

A friend recently convinced him to buy a set of headphones, the Meze 99 Neo, and his musical experience hasn’t been the same since. He now enjoys a richer, more musical sound when listening to his favorite bands. Play any song by the Deftones and you’ll instantly put a smile on his face. As far as film is concerned, Brian has developed an appreciation for cinema after an indie theater opened near his former home. He tends to agree with Martin Scorsese’s observation about franchise films of today being akin to theme parks. Like Scorsese, Brian prefers films that convey the depth of human emotional and psychological experience.

Brian may occasionally publish content that explores themes related to his work as a therapist. However, posts that appear here should not be interpreted as professional advice and any interactions that occur on this blog should be not be regarded as part of a professional or therapeutic relationship. Nothing that is written here or anywhere online can replace the value of getting individualized help from a competent mental health professional.